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What We Do

What We Do

We are the digital experts trusted by Africa's biggest sports organisations.


Ideation Station Sport, is an agency that assists sponsors, rights holders and broadcasters in their quest to enhance the fan experience on digital and social channels.​


Ideation Station Sport

Ideation Station has embraced technology to make sure that we are able to deliver quality work in a short space of time at the best value.​

Our product suite allows us to deliver across the sports value chain from content curation to archiving.​


Ideation Station Tech

Ideation Station Commercialisation takes a commercial first approach to all of our work, whether it is helping rights holders commercialise their digital properties or helping brands get the best out of their sponsorship properties.​


Ideation Station commercialisation

Our Network

Platform Partners

Twitter Partner

Ideation Station is part of the Twitter Publisher Program, which means that we can commercialise our clients Twitter feed by placing adverts in the content which we produce.

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Stats Partner

Ideation Station has been utilising Stats Perform Data and Analytics for some of our key clients for the past few years.


Major Events

major events_2.png

Ideation Station has been involved in creating content for rights holders and sponsors in some of the best events on the global calendar.

Broadcast Relationships

Ideation Station has close relationships with both the SuperSport and SABC Sport teams. We have built up relationships and knowledge of how both these organisations work, so we are able to get footage and other broadcast resources speedily.

Our Network
to About


Ideation Station takes its inspiration from Laika - the first dog in space. Her one mission laid the groundwork for space travel going forward. This pioneering spirit is our logo and the bedrock on which Ideation Station is built. The thought that Laika led scientists to find a better way to Space travel inspired us to find better ways of approaching Digital Content in Sport.

And so we did, we took a bunch of sports nerds + strategists + unique technology + social media + creatives + popular culture, threw innovation in the mix = Ideation Station.

Our niche is sports - name it: we have it, we know it and we’ll do it, however, we are not limited to that. Our technology allows us to tap into any company and tailor the perfect solutions for them to adapt and stay ahead of the ever-changing social media trends. Our agility has earned us the best partnerships, the biggest clients in South Africa and on the continent. We are not afraid to walk into the unknown, observe, challenge and overcome. We always find a way. And it always tends to be the better way.


Case Studies

AbinBev FIFA 2018 WC Case Study
CSA CWC Case Study
FIFA 2018 SABC Case Study
Standard Bank Case Study

Our Clients



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